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Meet the Team

All of our personal fitness coaches are trained to design programs to meet the individual needs of every client. Each coach has their own journeys of health and fitness which allows them to relate to what the clients are going through along the way. No matter where you are in your journey, our coaches will be able to provide you the support you need to be the best version of you. Stop by, meet the team, and find the best coach to guide you to your goals!


Mike Turkin, MS, CPT
Owner | Head Trainer | Group Fitness Instructor

Mike has been in the fitness industry for the majority of his life - or as Mike says, "...since Abraham Lincoln."  He spent over 20 years in the gymnastics world as an athlete and coach and later shifted his focus to bodybuilding and traditional styles of fitness training. Mike is an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer as well as an ISSA Certified Specialist in Sports Conditioning.

Since 2005, Mike has grown his business from a tiny studio in the basement of a building into a growing business of wellness. He has worked with hundreds of clients and bodybuilding competitors, giving him the experience and knowledge to help clients of all kinds!

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Henry_Jason - DDPY_Headshot.jpg
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Jason, BA, CPT
Trainer | DDPY Instructor

Jason is the newest member of the training staff at Atlas! His story is one that can only be told by his perspective. Check it out below!

"Believe it or not, 4 years ago I weighed over 435 pounds! As a single dad, I was setting a poor example for my children – especially because I wasn’t able to enjoy time with them like dads should. I was just existing, not living. Then, in 2020, my brother introduced me to DDPYoga. This program met me where I was in my fitness journey and allowed me to take back my life. Four years later, through hard work and discipline, I’ve completely changed the trajectory of my life! 


In the past 4 years, I’ve lost 200lbs! I became a DDPYoga instructor, completed by ISSA Certified Personal Trainer certificate, and have a certificate in nutrition coaching as well. This journey led me to places outside of my comfort zone, but through these experiences I was able to compete in two bodybuilding competitions where I won first place in my division. These experiences have given me the strength to live life on my terms, set a positive example for others, and – most importantly – I am finally able to be the absolute best dad I can possibly be for my girls.


Through the days when things were the hardest, to seeing myself reach new milestones I had never imagined achieving before, I’ve developed a healthy passion for fitness and nutrition. Everyone deserves someone in their corner to help motivate their success. For me, it was my children, and I look forward to being that support for you along this lifelong journey.


Thomas Jefferson said, “If you want what you’ve never had, you have to do what you’ve never done!”



Let’s go!"

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Aaron, Sports Science Major, Towson U.
Trainer | Group Fitness Instructor

Aaron has been a part of the Atlas family for just about half his life. Aaron started as an Atlas client when he was 14 years old and trained with Mike for many years where he found a love for fitness. Now in his senior year in college, Aaron is studying business and sports medicine. He is currently completing his certificate through National Academy of Sports Medicine. 

For the last few years, Aaron has been a personal training coach for many clients at Atlas as well as an instructor for our Boxing, Bootcamp, and Sports Conditioning group fitness classes. He primarily works with our youth clients and specialized in sports conditioning. His positive attitude and challenging workouts have made Aaron a favorite among our clients!

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Dexter_Devin - Brick.jpeg

Devin, Seasonal


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Tresa, Certified Zumba Instructor
Trainer | Group Fitness Instructor



Hoerl_Denise - Headshot_2.JPG

Denise, BS, CPT
Trainer | Administrative Coordinator

Denise started her fitness journey as an Atlas client in 2021. She started by taking our Saturday Bootcamp class. By the end of 2021, she was training at the gym 4 days a week and set her mind to getting on stage. 

In 2022, Denise became a Certified Personal Trainer. She completed her ISSA course and joined our team. She is currently working on her Certified Nutritionist course, Glute Specialist course, and Bodybuilding course - all through ISSA.

In additional to personal training, Denise also runs the behind the scenes work for the business. She helps manage the promotions, order our apparel and supplements, assists with social media management, and much more. 

Social Media and Content Marketing Coordinator

Business Analyst

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